His works can be found in public and private collections in Italy and abroad. From 1975 it is permanently in the Civil Museum of Pizzighettone (Cremona, Italy), in the Usellini Aroma Musem (Novara, Italy), in the Gallery of Modern Art of Santhià, and in the Strasbourg Museum.

In the 1989 he won an important first prize on invitation, the FIAT - IVECO - SALA-LEASING - PIRELLI prize on the theme about automobiles, and a prize from the President of the Republic at C.R.A.I. of Malpensa (Varese, Italy).

In the 1991 Franco Brescianini worked in Germany with Ernesto Treccani, Trento Longaretti, Saverio Terruso, Francesco Coter and Bewt Stubbe, where a course was beld of design and waterpaints at Anholt - Isselburg. He partecipated in a turn of important exhibitions in all of Germany.

Lately his works can be found at Toronto, Geneva, Paris, Tokyo, Boston, New York.